Demos will only be accepted by demo cd. As for quality reasons we cannot work with compressed formats such as mp3, ogg. All demos are given to Robbers.

Please send your demo to the address below:

Herenweg 50
2361 ES Warmond

Please include the following information together with your demo:
Name Artist
Track Name(s)
Contact Information / Numbers / Email

As you may understand due to the amount of demo material we receive, it is not possible to respond to all the demos we receive. If your demo fits within our musical direction we will contact you immediately. So please don't contact us if you want to know if we've listened to your demo. If we don't like it, it embarasses us (refusal often offends) so we'd rather keep silent. If we like your demo enough, don't worry, we will contact you. Bugging the hell out of us often pisses us off, so please don't. Sorry and thanks. If somethings good enough we will remember and go back to it. We really only contact people when we are sure we definitely want to release their music, and this sometimes takes a while of listening...


Well, Zero71 Recordings would like transparent conditions and easy business. Therefore we would like to inform you with our conditions upfront.
When booking an artist, we need your company details upfront (or personal details if you are not a company). This means your VAT number as well.
You will receive a simple Zero71 Recordings booking agreement, which need to be signed two weeks after date of receipt. Your booking will not be confirmed unless the contract is legally signed.
All bookings prices are excluding VAT 19%, flight tickets or any other transport, hotel accommodation and 1 evening diner (if applicable).
As well it's not allowed to tape or film during the performance of one of our artists without letting know.